Commanda General Store Museum
















Hours of Operation

July 1st To Labour Day

Wed - Sat

11 am to 4 pm


This unique example of late 19th century Victorian commercial architecture is alive and a hive of activity. The Museum, with its counters, flooring and goods from 1885 -1934, features displays changed throughout the season for your constant interest. The focus of this building (erected in 1885) is Commanda’s central location on the Old Rousseau-Nipissing settlers’ route which continues today as the central location for visitors to the whole region."Take A Stroll" back through time on our site for a brief tour of what's in our Museum.

Be sure to check back here for updated pages as we continue to build our Commanda Museum Website. And when your planning your vacation or trip in the Commanda area, stop by and visit us, you'll be glad you did!



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